27 settembre 2015

How to Install the Brother MFC-L2700DW printer/scanner in Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/Fedora

The Brother MFC-L2700DW is a very nice piece of hardware
Is a 26 ppm A4 B/W Laser Multifunction Printer, with automatic duplex, fax and scanner.
USB, LAN and WiFi connections.
Today, you can buy it on Amazon (Italy) at about € 120,00
Here there is the Borther product page.
Drum and toner are separate, an useful bonus in this class of printers.
The 2600 pages TN-2320 Toner Cartridge costs abut € 65,00.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine the wireless interface with the wired one, or does one or the other works. Not a big problem, but it could be useful in some scenarios.

The installation is not particularly difficult, but it's all from the command line so may be useful a little step by step procedure.

I am assuming that you have entered the IP address and the correct network parameters via LCD panel of the printer, for this operation the manual included in Documentation CD-ROM is very clear

Brother allows separate download for all the drivers components, but it is more practical to use the script provided which will download the updated deb / rpm and install the software prerequisites and dipendencies.

First, let's download the driver installer tool from the product download page which installs printer and scanner drivers

  1. Unzip the script: gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1.gz
  2. make it executable: chmod a+x linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1
  3. become root: sudo -s  or su if you use Fedora
  4. launch the script appending the Printer Product Name: bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1 MFC-L2700DW
  5. the first output of the command is:
You are going to install following packages.
OK? [y/N] ->

Press y and the installation will start. For purists, you must know that some of the drivers are not open source and you'll must  accept proprietary licenses.

The next steps of the installation require the acceptance of licenses and allowing the drivers download until you will be asked:

Will You Specify the Device URI? (Y/n)

to which, for network installations, you must press Y ( and N if you use the USB connection).

You will be offered a wide choice of options: press 9 and enter the IP address of the printer.

The installation will continue for the scanner and you must only accept licenses and downloads if you use Debian and derived, while if you use Fedora you'll have to re-enter the printer's IP.

The install will end soon after and a reboot is not strictly required.

What you can do now:

of course, print. Use Simple Scan Tool for scanning also via ADF.

What you will not be able to do:

  • send faxes from your PC;
  • Scan directly from scanner to PC by pressing using the printer buttons. (But I'm working on it ...)

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