18 dicembre 2013

Fedora Core 20, a Mate gift

As many of italian speakers readers of this blog know, Fedora is the Linux Distro I've replaced Windows at work for the first time in 2004.
Today I saw on distrowatch the link for the new Fedora 20.
Yes, Fedora 20, a new Fedora.
Usually I download the iso, try the distro in Virtualbox and delete the VM after few days.
I used CentOS at work, but generally I work with Debian-based distributions.

Installation is easy and fast, about 10 minutes on Virtual Machine ( First generation Core i7 and 2GB of RAM), the only glitch is at hard disk selection: I had to select two or three times before anaconda accepted my input:

But the real surprise isn't the Desktop, a classic 1.6.1 MATE, but the list of installed applications.
A relatively short list:

some accessories, the Midori Web Browser, and a standard "web equipment" (Ckaws mail, filezilla, pidgin, transmissione and tigervnc) and... nothing else.
For an advanced user, is a real feast to have a distro that installs by default only a small software package leaving room for a quickl customization:
why waste time to uninstall unuseful packages and then install the right ones?

Yum extender (the ".rpm version of synaptic) is the only software manager installed.
Yum, an old friend, is much improved over time and installed Firefox in few seconds.
I installed also Gimp in about 20 seconds.

I have only one doubt: why install Compiz on MATE? Yes, desktop effects are cute, but MATE is made for those who do not want graphic effects and prefer a slim, no-frills, desktop environment.
I must have somewhere a test machine for a physical installation: after all, I was looking for a appetizing solution  to practice  (again) with the Red Hat universe  ...